Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress Report

Task Activities Since Alpha:
 Hero controls redone to be mouse controlled (rpg/rts style)
 New proximity detection system using triggers for flocking and combat behavior
 Redone melee combat system to work significantly better + be flexible enough for all
melee unit types
 Improved flocking movement and behavior for existing units
 New flocking behavior primitive behaviors and variables added to allow for creation of
reasonable behavior for current and future unit types
 Improved art and visual feedback for combat
 Improved art and visual feedback for villager rescue mechanics
 Improved animations and art for units
 Improved art for game world
 Improved art for villager role assignment screen
 Improved villager and enemy spawning
 Improved XP and leveling system
 Partially completed ranged combat system
 Better visual feedback for end of day time running out
Task Activities Next Two Weeks:
 Finish ranged combat
 Morale system
 Add art and any remaining extra code for more unit types
 Save/Checkpoint system
 Improve/add art for game world and menus
Work Plan Tasks Completed to Date:
 Core unit setup
 Hero movement controls (redone for mouse control)
 Investigate flocking AI and behavior trees framework
 Improved gameplay screen
 Redone hero combat
 Villager role assignment screen
 Enemy spawning
 Flocking AI + flocking commands
 Rescue mechanics
 Leveling/XP system
 Improved art and visual feedback for multiple systems (see above)Problem Areas:
 Ended up largely redoing a several systems after alpha following feedback and issues
with current systems (see below).
 The unity physics engine apparently combines children colliders to the parent to allow for
complex colliders built out of primitive colliders. Unfortunately, when attempting to use
a child collider as a trigger for things like proximity detection or weapon hit detection,
these colliders were then getting included with the parent collider for trigger enter
messages. This lead to some complications and rewrites for the proximity detection and
melee combat systems to accommodate this fact

Thursday, November 17, 2011